Zack Reeves

State Affairs Associate

Zack likes to kick soccer balls and kick around policy issues.

He earned his masters degree in public policy from Oregon State University after majoring in philosophy at Willamette University. While working on his Master’s, Zack earned a Legislative Fellowship to provide policy analysis for the Coastal Caucus during Oregon’s 2011 legislative session. He continued his involvement with the state legislature as chief of staff for former Reps. Jean Cowan and Greg Matthews and for Senator Lee Beyer.

Zack brings a wide array of experience to CFM, having spent several years working as a reporter and copy editor prior to moving to the legislature. While in Salem, Zack has developed a network of relationships in both chambers, and on both sides of the political aisle. His policy experience spans from veterans and human services to transportation, business, and natural resources. 

A native and current resident of Corvallis, Zack enjoys playing soccer and taking advantage of the hiking and camping opportunities the Pacific Northwest offers. While he’s also an avid world traveler, Zack never fails to find a television to track his teams – the Buffalo Bills (his parents hail from New York), Portland Trail Blazers and Oregon State Beavers.