A karaoke fundraiser? Yes

We truly are sorry we don't have a photo to demonstrate Tina Kotek's stage presence.CFM lobbyists attended the other evening what was a first for them -- going to Karaoke bar on behalf of a legislator and watching legislators perform with microphones as the music blared in the sound-proof room!

It was an event in Northwest Portland for Rep. Tina Kotek, D-Portland, who will be re-elected next month and who, again in the 2011 legislative session, will play a key role on the Joint Ways and Means Committee supervising budget for what it near and dear to her heart -- services for low-income Oregonians during the midst of a stubborn recession.

If her skill and aplomb with a Karaoke mike is any indication, she will do well again on Ways and Means.

In brief remarks to those at the fundraiser, over the din of music in the background, Rep. Kotek said she envisions a very tough session from the standpoint of balancing the budget.  In a lighthearted way, she suggested that everyone have a little fun and get some rest before working together under the pressure of a need to craft a state budget for 2011-13.

A highlight (???) of the evening occurred early on when Rep. Nick Kahl, D-Troutdale, belted out a rendition of a popular song, then asked Rep. Kotek join him in a duet.  Rep. Mary Nolan, D-Portland, also joined in a duet, but, it might be said, House Speaker Dave Hunt had the good sense to watch and listen.

And, for the record, CFM lobbyists did the same.