Online Newsrooms

 Design Online Newsrooms • Generate Written and Visual Content •  Curate News Links • Curate Blogs • Highlight Expertise • Produce Videos

In today’s world, you don’t wait for someone else to publish your story. You publish it yourself. And the best place to self-publish your company news, press releases, Ebooks, white papers and blogs is on your own online newsroom. We help you build your own publishing house where you decide when a story goes live, what the headline says and what images or video accompany it. We can integrate your online newsroom into your website or design it to stand alone. And it doesn’t have to cater only to the media.

Communications Audits

Conduct Communications Audits • Identify What Works And What Doesn't • Recommend Smart Communications Strategies • Revive Tired Newsletters • Introduce Fresh Communications Platforms • Create Engaging Content

Spending time to generate quality content will be time wasted unless you also spend time to ensure your communications reach your audience. A communications audit is a good way to get to smart communications – on-point content, convenient packaging and frequented channels. We conduct communications audits for organizations that want to connect and keep improving their communications. We produce findings they can use to sharpen content, tighten packaging and zero in on the right channels. Our findings unlock clues to successful communications. We also can help spruce up your communications to hit their mark.

CFM Research Partner Tom Eiland recently gave this presentation on the value of communications audits to the annual conference of the Washington Schools Public Relations Association

You can learn more about Tom's work and communication audits here

Panel Research

Database Development • Market Research • Public Opinion Research • Customer Engagement • Email Outreach • Marketing Strategy • Online Focus Groups • Informed Decision-Making

Cell phones are replacing landlines. Digital media is supplanting cable and satellite TV. The world is changing fast, and research needs to change, too. We specialize in web-based research using databases. We combine research with engagement. Online isn’t right for every situation, but it is ideal for research that requires deeper questioning, follow-up inquiries and small focus groups based on their views, not where they live. Online research eliminates those pesky dinnertime calls and lets participants engage on their timeline – and in their pajamas, if they want.

Media Training

Crafting Key Messages • Making Visual Impressions • Understanding News Media • Mastering Social Media • Stress Test Exercises • Simulated Role-Playing • Constructive Criticism

No one wants to show up to a gunfight armed with a butter knife. If you want to be prepared to withstand tough questioning or an ambush interview, you need to know how to work with journalists. We offer media training that will help you understand evolving trends in the news media, how to craft a key message and how to deliver that message. We customize our media training to fit your existing or expected circumstances. And we expose trainees to real-life stress tests so their actual interview won’t be their first rodeo.

  For crisis management guidance,   check out our ebook  .

For crisis management guidance, check out our ebook.

Ghost Websites

Design Special Purpose Websites • Produce Explanatory Videos • Create Informative Illustrations • Curate Visual Assets • Write Backgrounders • Recruit Testimonials • Develop Third-Party Validation

A ghost is something you never want to see. The same goes for a ghost website, also known as a dark website. But when crisis strikes, a ghost website can be a lifesaver. We build ghost websites to remain in the shadows until you need them – to provide useful background through images, videos, illustrations, explanations, contacts and links. Think of it as your media safety kit that has just what you need – and the media wants ­– when you are injured. And all you have to do is hit a button to let the ghost out of the closet. 

  For crisis management guidance,   check out our ebook  .

For crisis management guidance, check out our ebook.