undecided bloc of voters

Scottish Attitudes on Independence Don't Seem Foreign

Scottish voters will cast ballots this September to decide whether they want to separate from the United Kingdom. Given that voting on national independence is a pretty big deal, a Scottish research firm says more than half of eligible voters remain undecided.

The Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey is conducted annually and examines a wide range of questions, including ones about national identity and constitutional preference. The survey is more than a snapshot political poll. Conducted since 1999, it provides invaluable trend analysis about Scottish attitudes.

Political analysts have assumed that the strong showing of the Scottish National Party in 2011 elections signaled a shift in support for independence. However, the SSA survey indicates attitudes about breaking away from the United Kingdom have changed much in the last decade. The survey instead showed were pleased the SNP had done a good job in sticking up for Scotland inside the UK, which is something they wanted.