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The Political Consumer

Before each party's national convention, The Washington Post created a pair of graphs showing the consumer habits of Democrats and Republicans. Click on image to view larger version.Political point of view extends far beyond whether you support gay marriage or across-the-board tax cuts. That point of view apparently influences other parts of life, including consumption habits.

The Washington Post has developed a pair of visual graphs depicting Democratic and Republican consumers, relying on a Scarborough Research survey that sampled 200,000 U.S. adults.

Some of the findings are obvious enough — a lot more Republicans watch Fox News and eat at Chik-fil-A than Democrats; more Democrats contribute to environmental groups and shop at Kmart than Republicans. After that the findings get interesting and maybe even odd.

Click on image to view larger version. Image was created by The Washington Post.For example, more Democrats than Republicans buy organic products, while more Republicans are likely to eat at a steakhouse than Democrats. Almost three times more Republicans hunt compared to Democrats and Democratic Twitter users outnumber Republicans.

Twice as many Democrats than Republicans are very interested in the NBA. Three times as many Republicans than Democrats own a powerboat.

Almost equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans are covered by Medicare and do yoga. Republican dog owners outnumber their Democratic pup lovers, but more Democrats than Republicans frequent casinos.

One key piece of information from the survey — don't bug Republicans on college football Saturdays and don't interrupt Democrats during the Grammy Awards.

Read the graphs for more interesting comparisons and contrasts.