Business Use of Digital Media Skyrockets

 Businesses are using video confrencing tools more than ever before. 

Businesses are using video confrencing tools more than ever before. 

Business use of digital media has skyrocketed during the past eight years for tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and video. While e-newsletters were the most popular form of digital media in 2007, it is not among the top four in 2015.  

These are some of the key findings from an Input survey among 318 decision-makers in Oregon and SW Washington conducted by CFM on behalf of Oregon Business. 

The survey found the most popular digital communication tools used for business and professional purposes were business social networking sites, such as LinkedIn (64%), texting (61%) and social networking sites (58%). A majority of decision-makers also use live video, such as Skype or GoToMeeting (55%) and e-newsletters (53%).  

Use of some tools has grown dramatically. The share of people using business social networking and texting has more than doubled since 2007, while use of consumer social media sites has increased six-fold. On the other hand, use of e-newsletters has increased just 10 points since 2007 and blogging remains one of the less frequently used tools. 

Increased business use of digital media is not surprising. Based on a variety of CFM research efforts for private and public clients, CFM has found customers and business colleagues are using online communication and engagement tools to get information and connect with friends and business associates. Essentially, businesses have learned to go where the people are. 

CFM predicts use of video will continue to grow during the next few years because mobile media use is increasing rapidly, recording videos and posting to social media and websites is easy, and people are sharing videos with colleagues and friends.  

The online Input survey was conducted in March 2015.