Visual Pop to Press Releases

Visual assets improve the odds your press release will get noticed and used to spawn a story. An infographic helps ensure your major point isn't lost in a forest of words.Enriching press releases with visual content will dramatically increase your odds of getting it noticed, according to statistics compiled by PR Newswire.

A single visual asset can give a nearly 100 percent boost to a press release. Multi-media inclusions yield a 552 percent greater chance of grabbing attention. A press release with a smart infographic improves odds by more than 5,000 percent. That's not a typo — 5,092 percent, to be exact.

PR Newswire, which distributes press releases and media advisories, analyzed more than 1 million press releases and reported 86 percent land on reporter and editor desks without any visual support.

The data suggests it is a far better use of time and energy to think about visual additions to a press release than the actual wording of the release itself. Reporters worth their salt won't use press releases verbatim and, in the absence of a visual enticement, may ignore them altogether.

The simple inclusion of a quality image, a logo or B-roll video ups the chances a press release will see the light of day on a media person's computer desktop.

Smart media relations pros create online newsrooms to serve as ready-made platforms for essential background information and visual assets. One or more of those assets can be attached to a press release, along with a link so reporters and editors can discover even more useful, relevant information and images.

No matter how good a story hook is, an infographic can make your point with fireworks on a page. Taking time to prepare an infographic reveals more intent than typing out a few paragraphs approved by the CEO. You show what you mean in a powerful way.

To prove its point, PR Newswire included an infographic with its press release about the power of visual assets in press releases. The point could have been lost if its press release was just a bunch of words.