The Content King's Valuable Jester

Great content isn't so great if it goes unnoticed. King content needs an entourage, including a jester to make the information jump off the page.Content is king — but if you want the king to get noticed for more than sitting on a throne, you better have an entourage.

One of the best court jesters is the infographic — a playful, colorful way to package your content.

Crowdtap, a social influence marketing platform, drew attention by 1) newsjacking the World Cup and 2) sharing an infographic with interesting content about World Cup viewers based on a survey. 

Titled "The Social Side of the World Cup," the infographic led with a statistic — 72.4 percent of viewers will be active on social media during the games. More than 40 percent expect to post on Facebook, nearly 35 percent will tweet and 13 percent will write a blog.

Perhaps of more interest to brands and their marketers is the next tier of information contained in the Infographic — 47 percent will post something about their favorite team or player, 42 percent will say something about their favorite ad and 30 percent will comment about their least favorite ads. Crowdtap's survey also indicated 52 percent of viewers are more likely to like or follow a brand after the World Cup.

Viewers are most likely to use smartphones and computers to give status updates, but tablet use isn’t far behind. Of respondents who said they would post on their smartphone, 48 percent said they would post on Facebook and almost 40 percent said they would tweet. 

For brand managers, social media specialists and marketing PR professionals, this is pretty useful info. However, it may have gone unnoticed if buried in text or jammed into a plain vanilla chart. As the stuff of an infographic, it didn't get lost; it got noticed. The content king's jester did the trick.