Finding Your Consumer's Pain Points

The source of rich content for your content marketing efforts can be found in the pain points of your consumers. Ease the pain and your consumers will notice.Many companies complain they don't have enough content for a content marketing campaign. If so, then they haven't looked hard enough at their consumer's pain points.

Content marketing is all about providing useful, relevant information to your consumers.  The most reliable way to connect with your consumers is to give them useful, relevant information that eases their pain.

Jerry Seinfeld has a funny riff about Home Depot. He says the super hardware store sells you everything to remodel a kitchen or install a floor — except the expertise to do it. That's why stores like Home Depot and Lowe's post how-to videos for a variety of DIY projects. That's content marketing.

Hardware stores don't have trouble figuring out what pains their consumers — from fixing leaky toilets to killing pesky weeds in a garden. If you think about it, you won't have to strain very much to imagine the problems that drive people to your front door. Those problems are or should be welded into your company's value proposition, the reason why you exist in the business world.

You can extend and deepen that understanding of consumer pain points by engaging with your customers. Talk to them when they are in your store. Conduct quick online surveys. Share some information of relevance to your consumers and ask for their opinions.

People want their problems, whether basic or bizarre, solved. You can help by supplying them with solutions or at least pointers in the right direction. That's content marketing. 

It also helps to know where your consumers prefer to find useful information — or where they are willing to look for it.  Again, the best way to discover the answer is to ask your customers.

Knowing your consumer pain points — and the communications clinic where they will go for answers — serves as a practical place to launch your content marketing.

In fact, engaging with your customers and inviting them to share their experiences can augment and expand the content you offer. That's content marketing, too.

All content marketing demands is a little curiosity to find the pain.