The Power of Video

Video attracts viewers and keeps their attention. Video marketing can pay dividends with instant pop and prolonged shelf life.Evidence is mounting that people spend more time on websites that feature video content — and that video content can build trust and lasting relationships.

Video isn't a magic elixir, but it is perfectly suited to visual media such as websites, Facebook and YouTube. Unlike text that you read, videos are something you watch — and share. 

Videos are versatile. They can tell stories or explain visually how things work or are assembled. 

Videos appeal across demographic, gender and income lines. They even can span language barriers.

Videos can convey complex messaging by showing what you mean and creating context for what you're describing.

Videos can drive sales through compelling calls to action.

Not to be underestimated, but videos also have a long shelf life. Written content may not lose its meaning, but video doesn't lose its drawing power. Therefore, videos can be a good marketing investment.

MultiVisionDigital produced an infographic with interesting statistics about video viewership.