Ignore Smartphone Marketing at Your Peril

More than half the adults in the United States (56%) own a smartphone, according to results of a recent PEW Research Internet & American Life Project study (June, 2013).

While smartphone ownership varies by age and income, businesses that ignore growing consumer use of mobile technology do so at their own peril.

Here are what savvy businesses and organizations should be doing to accommodate smartphone users: 

  1. Make sure all of your organization’s Internet touch points are mobile-ready. This applies to websites, e-letters and registration pages.
  2. Create an email campaign just for smartphone users. An ExactTarget survey of 1,358 Internet users found smartphone users (46% constantly during the day) were significantly more likely to check email than non-smartphone users (28%).
  3. Integrate social media access with smartphone outreach. The ExactTarget Survey also found people with smartphones (23%) were more likely to connect with Facebook throughout the day than non-smartphone users (12%).

Some companies are using mobile strategies to improve the customer’s experience and stay nimble. During a recent trip to Boston, United Airlines kept me informed about flight schedules by text messages and emails to my iPhone. Knowing my flight was delayed allowed me to enjoy a wonderful lunch at the Daily Catch in Boston’s North End before departing to the airport.