Oregon Decision-Makers Remain Skeptical about Obamacare

Opinions on Obamacare (Affordable Care Act or ACA) among Oregon decision-makers have improved somewhat since 2010, but a majority still opposes the law and about half think the quality of health care will decline as a result of its implementation.

These were some of the findings from the CFM/Oregon Business Input survey conducted in May 2013 among 466 decision-makers.

Favorable opinions of the Affordable Care Act have increased to 37 percent from 31 percent since 2010, but 54 percent still oppose the law.

Driving opposition to the ACA is the widespread perception that it will have a negative impact on the cost of health care, quality of care and business organizations in general:

  • 47 percent say the overall quality of health care will decline,
  • 63 percent say the cost of health care will go up; and,
  • 43 percent say the ACA will be “bad” for their organization.

Few recent issues have been as divisive as health care reform. It was the hallmark legislation for the Obama Administration during the 111th Congress, but congressional votes were divided along party lines.

Based on results from the May Input survey, Oregon decision-makers remain skeptical about the legislation and are concerned its implementation will impact the cost and quality of health care.