Millennials Sour on Politics, Obama

A new poll shows the love affair between millennials and Barack Obama is tailing off, as their low approval ratings of the President track the rest of the population.Millennials are losing faith, interest and trust in politics in general and in President Obama and Obamacare specifically, according to a new poll from the Harvard Institute of Politics.

Young adults are disaffected by politics. Because more of them identify with Democrats than Republicans, the Democratic Party may feel the biggest hit.

For the younger generation, the economy and prospects for a good-paying job top their agenda. Access to health insurance ranks a distant second.

All this bodes badly for President Obama, who rode to office and won re-election with solid support from voters under 30 years old. Now the youngest voting-age adults seem to be peeling off his bandwagon, without jumping aboard anyone else's.

Only 41 percent of millennials approve of Obama's job performance and 54 percent disapprove, which tracks with the rest of the population. They give the President low marks on how he has dealt with major issues and express pessimism about Obamacare — 50 percent believe their health care expenses will rise and 40 percent think the quality of care will decline.

A Huffington Post article says the Harvard poll results match closely with similar findings by a 2010 Pew Research survey, revealing the attachment to Obama and Democrats had weakened.

But before Republicans rejoice, the Harvard poll showed 83 percent of young adults who voted in 2012 for Obama would vote for him again, while only 4 percent would switch to vote for Mitt Romney.

The poll noted that concerns over student debt transcend political affiliation and Facebook use has declined slightly in the last year.

Millennials are divided on their views of Edward Snowden and government spying. Twenty-two percent think Snowden is a patriot for revealing the extent of government spying and 22 percent view him as a traitor. Fifty-two percent aren't sure how to regard Snowden.