Measuring Pints Good Way to Measure Minds

A CNN survey shows Mitt Romney was leading the barstool vote in New Hampshire. Don’t sweat the Smuttynose vote. Win or lose the Republican primary vote in New Hampshire today, MItt Romney can say he swept the CNN barstool survey this weekend. Not bad for a non-alcohol drinking Mormon in a state that loves its beer.

The former Massachusetts governor held a commanding lead in CNN’s highly informal and non-scientific “average person in the pub" survey.

Close on Romney's heels, Texas Congressman Ron Paul appeared to pull in the vote of fans of Shipyard Brewing of Portland, Maine, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich saw support from Coors Light and Dos Equis enthusiasts.

For those who say “Make mine a Smutty,” few advocates of Smuttynose Brewing of Portsmouth, N.H. let their voices be counted. (Smuttynose is named after a small island in the Isles of Shoals off the boundary between Maine and New Hampshire.)

Romney collected most of the fans of Sam Adams (of Boston), but former ambassador Jon Huntsman had at least one vote from a devotee of Sam Adams’ chocolate cherry bock.

The barstool nose count offers a fresh perspective on research. Just wait for the Oregon primary. There will be fewer candidates but more brews to cover. Bottoms up!