Cats, Dogs and Research

Is combining online and traditional research like asking dogs and cats to get along with each other?Some would cry blasphemy. Declare mass hysteria. Dogs and cats living together!? It reminds me of Ghostbusters. (Click to view clip from the film.)

That is what traditionalist would say about combining online research with traditional research.

But thinking outside the box helps clients talk with target audiences and get the information they need for good decisions.

For several years, CFM has used Facebook and Craigslist to recruit younger people to live focus groups. A majority of 18 to 34 year olds don’t have landlines. Cell phone numbers are difficult to get. We find using social media and “want ads,” combined with online screening questions and telephone vetting, get the right people to the focus group table.

With CFM panel-research techniques, clients can target specific people using survey results and emails. Recently, a client wanted to test a new product. We had already developed a panel of customers who were willing to participate in research using online surveys. From that database, we identified 180 people who qualified based on eight criteria — try that with traditional methods and check the costs. We sent one email invitation and offered a $60 honorarium. More than 50 people wanted to attend and 10 more wrote to say they couldn’t due to schedule conflicts.

The session was a great success and the client got the information it needed. Just as important, the client connected with customers and confirmed their opinions were necessary and important. Once the analysis is completed, CFM and the client will send results to everyone in the panel.

Now that is customer engagement, research AND bang for the buck

The world has changed. Using traditional and online research techniques help clients make good decision, fast.

If only cats and dogs could do so well.