spoon-feeding news stories

From a Press Release to Cooperative Journalism

The odd experience of pulling The Oregonian out of the middle of ad "inserts" tells you all you need to know about the state of contemporary newspapers. It also should tell you something about your chances to land a story in the news columns.

Organizations often substitute their need for coverage for a newspaper's ability to provide it. This only leads to confusion and disillusion with traditional media.

Newspaper staffs are leaner and working within new incentives, such as the need to develop an online presence. With less news space, the competition for stories is intense. Soppy story pitches won't grab much attention for reporters and editors on the prowl for stories with some pop.

Communicators can throw up their hands in disgust or they can resolve to become more of a partner with newspaper reporting teams. They can commit to story pitches with punch and built-in help pursuing the story line.