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Managing Sexual Abuse by Males

Sexual misconduct by males is an omnipresent problem in the workplace and demands tough-love responses from those responsible — and from the employers or institutions they represent.Jeff Cogen's affair with a Multnomah County staffer, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's serial sexual harassment allegations and New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's admitted repeat sexting are the latest high-profile examples of an issue many organizations have or will face.

The prevalence of male sexual misbehavior, and the increased willingness of women to confront their male tormentors publicly, means many more organizations — corporate, nonprofit and public — will be dragged into scandals with the potential of undermining customer, stakeholder and public trust. 

The tactic men usually fall back on — profusely apologizing with their wives and family at their side — is starting to crumble as an effective way to regain at least a shred of respect, let alone trust. Huma Abedin, Weiner's political-partner wife, is coming under fire herself for publicly defending her husband, despite his lapse back into online sexual mischief, including more photos of his penis.