Explaining a Blowout Loss

Things could be worse. You could be Peyton Manning explaining how the NFL's top offense played so poorly in a blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks.How Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos explain their blowout Super Bowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks offers instructive advice on how you can deal with your own embarrassing moment.

First off, you need to own what happened. Losing 43-8 isn't a fluke. Skip the excuses. Admit you got outplayed. The other team was the aggressor. You made mistakes. These admissions don't make the loss less painful, but you come off as someone who is facing reality, not hiding from it.

Give the other side credit. Seattle's defense overwhelmed the vaunted Denver offense. They befuddled MVP Manning. The Seahawks made the big plays. By building up your opposition, you avoid looking small.

Talk about the future. Explain how you will move forward and what you will do to improve. The loss is in the record books. How you deal with the loss is the stuff of an unwritten chapter. A loss is a loss, not the end of the world. Don't act like you are ready to jump off a tall bridge.

Imagine ways to soothe the anguish. Describe the steps to make things better. If you envision moving forward, you will have the outline of plan of actually moving forward. This will reflect a sense of resiliency, which is an appealing and often underrated quality.

Give yourself a break. A major disappointment or failure can send your confidence and morale into the dumper. Find a way to put the situation into perspective, without trying to explain it away. Make it a moment to remember, not forget. Make it the start of momentum toward a new day and a better result.