rapport with reporters

The Habits of Effective Media Relations

Building relationships with the media is more effective over the long-term than coming off like a carnival barker pitching stories.Good communicators rely on craft and relationships rather than luck to earn positive media mentions. Many times, good communicators go unnoticed, like great athletes who make amazing physical feats seem effortless. But like athletes, communicators train to improve their skills.

Here are five healthy media relations habits you should adopt:

1. Believe relationships with the media are important

Don't fall into the indulgent trap of believing that reporters or media outlets are out to get you. Think instead of what you can do to build rapport with the men and women whose job it is to cover what you do and say. You can't control what the media publishes, but you can assure yourself better access to the people who write the copy by taking the time to treat them as you would a colleague or customer. A little respect goes along way, and you will get back what you give.

2.  Think like a journalist