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The Thought Behind Thought Leadership

Thought leaders aren't circus barkers who scream for attention. They are men and women with rich experience or meritorious ideas that attract our attention."Little boys and girls in ancient Athens grew up wanting to be philosophers. In Renaissance Florence, they dreamed of becoming Humanists. But now a new phrase and a new intellectual paragon has emerged to command our admiration: "Thought Leader."

Columnist David Brooks said a thought leader is "sort of a high-flying, good-doing, yacht-to-yacht concept peddler." They are the go-to guys and gals who get invitations to speak to prestigious groups, participate in deep think-tank discussions and author widely shared op-eds in major newspapers.

The thought leader, Brooks says, "doesn't have students, but does have clients."

Despite the sardonic commentary by Brooks, thought leaders aren't all peppy cheerleaders for a cause they are paid to embrace. Many thought leaders are, well, thought leaders in their field. They can be recognized experts or just average people with meritorious ideas.