Blaming the Media a Loser Tactic

Blaming media coverage for your public discomfort is a lot like complaining it is too sunny in Hawaii. If you don't like the sun, stay out of the sunlight.

The media's job is to dig up the truth. Your job is to tell your story as accurately and powerfully as possible. If you don't do your job, blame yourself, not the media.

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is the latest to pin his flagging political fortunes on negative media coverage. He called reporting of his alleged serial sexual harassment a distraction. His attorney openly suggested that the 13-year extramarital affair Cain carried on with a woman who stepped forward on her own with a stack of emails and receipts was a matter between two consenting adults, not the public.

Bashing the media or pontificating about what the public has a right to know are loser tactics in the world of protecting your reputation — your most valuable asset.

In Cain's case, he would have been better off to admit his previous sexual indiscretions and explain how he had mended his ways. This is what rival GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has done and, perhaps ironically, is the beneficiary of Cain's collapsed candidacy.