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Old Dog, New Tricks

Radio remains a popular media platform, so consider it as part of your integrated communications.I can almost hear the golden tones of the radio announcer from the 1950s introducing each episode of the Lone Ranger: “Let us now return to the days of yesteryear.”

Radio is not the dominant force it once was, but it still delivers an impressive audience. So, when your integrated communications plan calls for advertising, don’t forget radio. New media may get more buzz but radio gets more attention. In fact, people really like this old standby media. It makes them happy, according to a survey just released in Great Britain.

"On average, when consuming radio, happiness and energy scores increase by 100 percent and 300 percent compared to when no media is being consumed," the Huffington Post reported in a story about the study. But happiness increased most when that media was the radio.

Radio is a kind of "lifestyle support system," the authors wrote, which helps people feel better as they go about their days. Many respondents didn't realize how important radio was in their lives until they had participated in the exercise, the story noted.