attentive listening

The Power of Listening and Observing

Your ability to reach compromises and find solutions will be enhanced by refining your ability to pay attention, listen and observe.Click and Clack, hosts of Car Talk on NPR, have an uncanny knack for translating odd, funny noises made by vehicles into credible car repair recommendations.

Last weekend, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, also known as the Tappet Brothers, were chatting up a caller who had developed a chronic pain in his thumb because of an uncooperative gearshift on his Jeep Comanche. The brothers teased the caller, who described himself as the "outside man" for a Memphis law firm.

But they couldn't diagnose what was wrong until the caller impersonated the sound when he shifts gears. When they heard the weird whirring noise, Click and Clack knew instantly what the problem was.