Jim Carrey

Comedic Keys to Getting Some Respect

Comedians employ great timing and technique to charm audiences and make them laugh. Issue managers should follow their example in talking to and persuading their target audiences.Great comedians use great timing and technique to get their audiences to laugh. Issue managers need to follow their example to get their target audiences to pay attention.

Here are some comedic lessons for effective issues management:

Rodney Dangerfield, born Jacob Rodney Cohen, was a walking one-liner ("I bought my oldest boy a BB gun for Christmas. I got my other boy a T-shirt with a bulls-eye.") But he is best known for his recurring riff, "I don't get no respect." That catchphrase catapulted his stymied Catskills career into major movie roles, television appearances and stand-up routines at top comedy venues.

Lesson for issue managers — find a catchphrase that captures your point of view and use it relentlessly.