Gary Conkling

The Best Crisis is the One You Avoid

It is hard to avoid a crisis by trying to ignore problems that can create one. A better approach is identifying risks and fixing the ones you can control.The best crisis you can face is the one you took steps to avoid.

Avoiding a crisis requires a disciplined approach to identifying threats, analyzing those threats and addressing the threats that are most likely and pose the gravest danger to your business, organization or reputation.

Some CEOs think it is a waste of time, resources and money to examine the chassis when the car runs just fine. But as we all have experienced, most problems pop up unexpectedly.

And, problems can erupt even when you do nothing wrong. But all of a sudden there you are, facing a wall of microphones and watching yourself on the nightly news.

A key aspect of effective crisis preparedness is culling out the risks or vulnerabilities in your enterprise that you have the power to fix before they fester. This is where savvy companies, nonprofits and public agencies separate themselves from competitors or peers.