Was it good for you? Oh Yeah.

It doesn't take long for an audience to form an impression, so you need to maximize every tool you've got – from hand gestures to voice inflection – to make a positive impression and a solid connection.As a rule of thumb, I consider a conference successful if I walk away with a couple of good, usable ideas. At a recent Portland Communicator’s conference, I learned five ways to improve communication from a single presenter. Jim Endicott’s talk, “Being Heard in a Sea of Voices,” offered an overview on what makes an effective presentation. He provided fundamentals that can get you on the road to making impressive presentations to clients, prospects and management.

Here is what I learned:

  • First impressions happen fast. Research suggests it may take as little as five seconds for an audience to judge if your presentation is worth listening to or not.  
  • Use eye contact to engage the audience. Have three- to five-second conversations with people in the group throughout the presentation.
  • Use hand gestures to punctuate key points. Make the gestures bold and relevant.  
  • Use the stage. Movement can energize and engage the audience.  
  • Use voice inflection to excite the audience and emphasize thoughts.


For more information about Jim Endicott and his firm, go to www.distinction-services.com.