Temporary Special-Purpose Websites a Great Tool

A special-purpose website for the Reynolds School District, ReynoldsTomorrow.com, will help the district collect community opinion about upcoming budget priorities.Sometimes its best to bring in the specialty team.

Public information outreach efforts, such as those necessary to explain community development or public finance issues, often must stand alone, away from the crowd, when competing for mindshare. But, for example, a government agency’s or a nonprofit’s website may not be robust enough to handle a powerful storytelling video, or may be too cluttered for visitors to find information easily.

Temporary, and not so temporary, single-issue websites are a great way for organizations to manage a hot-button issue. An organization’s existing multi-purpose site may not be flexible enough to fit immediate needs – despite the best of intentions of the PR team and the IT department.

CFM is not a traditional Web design firm, but we are marketers with experience in building websites based on a foundation of solid research. We understand how to define and assess target audiences through comprehensive research, then build content platforms – websites, social media and traditional communications channels – to meet the expectations of those target audiences.

We’ve helped organizations to quickly and distinctively create stand-alone websites to reach out to key audiences. CFM also has worked with groups to create email databases and tie in e-newsletters as part of the special website.

Examples of our branding and website work include:

  • The Reynolds Tomorrow website, which was designed and launched by CFM to engage Reynolds School District patrons and stakeholders in an interactive discussion of budget priorities. Debuting this week, the website will serve as a way of recruiting online survey participants, who will be asked to provide ongoing advice. Built in about 10 weeks, the site is located at www.reynoldstomorrow.com.
  • RiverHealth.org was created for Clackamas County Service District No.1, which provides information of value to the agency’s ratepayers and constituents. CFM developed the first generation of this video-rich site. Using internal resources, County staff at the Water Environment Services department, created the second and third generation of the site located at http://www.riverhealth.org. The county’s first e-newsletter was part of the effort.
  • The Manufacturing 21 Coalition website was created to provide a platform for major manufacturers to discuss their training and applied research needs in collaboration with regional educational institutions.
  • The website and accompanying Facebook Fan page for Mariel Zagunis, a two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner from Beaverton, who is seeking to build her fan base and win corporate sponsorships before she vies for her third Gold Medal in 2012.

CFM also has worked on other special-purpose websites that are no longer active.

  • The Oregon University System’s “OregonEngineer” website.
  • Special pages for Pacific University’s sesquicentennial celebration.
  • The U.S. National Park Service’s “Fort-to-Sea Trail” website, which was judged the best non-profit website in the nation by PRNews magazine and also was recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators.
  • The Oregon Psychological Association’s “RxP” website, which described the need for and training of prescribing psychologists.

Many of our projects for special purposes, often completed under immediate time lines and limited duration, helped CFM deliver memorable results for its clients.