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Sherwood refusal to annex speaks volumes                            December 3, 2015, The Portland Tribune

#LocalGovSolutions: Useful Information, Engaging Tactics
September 17, 2015 EL GL website

Lobbying spending is up. Where does the money go? 
August 31, 2015 The Statesman Journal

Never too early: Whispers begin about Oregon's 2016 election candidates
April 29th, 2015, Portland Business Journal

How did a four-term governor unravel so quickly?
February 15, 2015, The Statesman Journal

Legislative Preview: A Shifting Balance 
December 11, 2014 Oregon Business Magazine

This is more than a sailboat; it's a stepping stone to a dream 
October 8th, 2013

What Obama should do to sell his own health care law
September 6th, 2013 The Portland Business Journal

So Precision Castparts is nation's top polluter. Now what?
August 28th, 2013 The Portland Business Journal

Unsinkable skills
August 15th, 2013 The Portland Tribune

PERS special session could be elusive if John Kitzhaber can't find enough GOP votes
August 2nd, 2013 The Oregonian

How steep is the climb for a GOP governor in blue Oregon?
July 30, 2013 NW Watchdog

My thoughts on how Willamette University handled this week’s crisis
May 11, 2013 Statesman Journal

PR firm publishes CRC 'factbook'
April 5, 2013 The Columbian

Transit agency, Marion Co. spent $160,000 for lobby
March 31, 2013 Statesmen Journal By Raju Chebium

CFM Clients In The Media

Former healthcare CEO claims he was fired for reporting $10 million in fraudulent Medicare charges by Jeff Manning, January 26, 2015, The Oregonian

Stopping Pembina terminal will accomplish nothing (OPINION) by Theodore Winter, June 16, 2015, The Oregonian

Propane exporter seeks day in court by Steve Law, May 18, 2015,    The Portland Tribune

Enough of Charlie Hales' self-serving 'leadership' by The Oregonian Editorial Board, May 7th, 2015 The Oregonian

Portland already is a hub for fossil fuels by By Sandra McDonough and John Mohlis, March 28, 2015 The Oregonian

Op Ed By Eric Dyck, Vice president for marine terminals for Pembina January 9, 2015 The St. Johns Review

Oregonian column treated escrow officer unjustly: Guest opinion September 16, 2014 The Oregonian By Troy St. John

The 'adultification' of underage lawbreakers: Guest opinion 
May 17, 2014, 2014 The Oregonian By Mark McKechnie

Tough adoption standards are essential to protect children: Guest opinion 
September 14, 2013 The Oregonian Guest Columnist

Republicans draw Oregon hospital tax into debate over PERS 
May 10, 2013 The Oregonian Christian Gaston

Clackamas County commissioners made the right choice on TriMet settlement 
August 27, 2012 The Oregonian By Ann Lininger

Keizer breaks ground on transit center
August 22, 2012 Statesmen Journal By Elida S. Perez

Columbia River Crossing lesson: How Seattle navigated its own bridge overhaul 
June 30, 2012 The Oregonian By Bob Donegan