corporate story

Discovering the Amazing Corporate Story

Telling genuine stories about exceptional service and product quality is a way to woo customers.Most companies have moved on from the corporate line to the corporate story, but they still fail to connect with customers and clients because their words don't ring genuine.

Toeing the corporate line faded into disuse because customers and employees increasingly blew off rote recitation of claims that seemed more spun than truthful. It is harder in the digital age to pull the wool over someone's eyes than it is to be unmasked as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Corporate storytelling can be more compelling because people like to listen to stories, a habit formed since early childhood. But customers can tell the difference between real stories and fairy tales. If the corporate story doesn't match the real corporate persona, then the story turns to pixie dust.

The irony is that most companies have good stories to tell. Their problem is failing to look for them.

Many corporate employees, acting on their own or with encouragement from their managers, do the right thing by customers and often go above and beyond what is expected. Telling those stories puts a personal face on a company and speaks to its core values.