communications audit

A Queue for Communications Audits

In Justin Timberlake’s song, Losing My Way, he sings: "Can anybody out there hear me?" And while the song is not about public relations or marketing, the question is essential. Are your target audiences receiving your message in the way you intended? Is your media buy investment delivering a reasonable ROI? Do people remember your key messages?

There is a strategic process to help you answer these questions, evaluate your recent efforts and chart next steps with confidence. The process is called a communications audit, and CFM’s track record includes numerous communications audits in its 20+ year history.

The communications audit provides an opportunity for CFM communications specialists to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your communications toolkit. After conducting a comprehensive study of your communications efforts, we provide our findings and recommendations for increased effectiveness and efficiency. From that point, we can work with your team to develop next steps.

While the audit process is tailored to each client, there are six key lines of inquiry we recommend for communications audits.