brand partnership

Past, Future and Passion

Branding is a lot like dating. To build a lasting relationship, you need a good first impression, shared values and dreams and lots of genuine engagement.The new premium in marketing is forging relationships with your customers. There is no better way to build rapport than sharing your past, future and passion.

Relationship marketing isn't all that different from dating. You zero in on someone who appeals to you. You find a way to make an introduction, hopefully leaving a positive first impression. Then comes the discovery part of a relationship where you tell about your past, talk about your dreams and reveal your passions. If there is a match, the relationship blossoms, especially when there is genuine engagement.

Promoting your brand in today's environment has those same qualities. You have to get noticed by your target audience. You want to make a memorable first impression. Then you tell about your product roots, outline the future and show your passion in an interactive relationship.