PR tactics

Choosing the Winning Strategy

Marketing PR is all about attracting a target audience for a product, service or idea.Once upon a time marketing and public relations were seen as the opposite sides of two different coins. Now marketing PR is viewed as a smart combination of communications skills.

When mass media ruled, marketing was all about advertising. You could run an ad in the major local newspaper, a national magazine or TV network and be assured of a huge audience. But those days have vanished with the rise of the Internet.

It takes more nowadays than a clever ad to reach and captivate your target audience. In fact, the key is finding your target audience.

That's where the discipline of marketing is important. Marketers use research techniques to identify and confirm their prime audience, so messages and promotions can be tailored for them.

Marketing on a Shoestring

Small businesses and startups can get the marketing boost they need without spending a fortune.Small and startup businesses shy away from marketing because they fear they cannot afford it. However, lean marketing plans can be affordable and extremely effective.

Business owners imagine astronomically expensive ad campaigns, but a whole lot can be done for far less. In fact, the whole notion of marketing public relations is based on clever, cost-effective techniques that attract the attention of target audiences.

The first steps to success on a shoestring budget include:

  •   Clear, mutually agreed upon objectives
  •   Sharply defined target audience
  •   Fixed dollar limit
  •   Measurable outcomes