Going Mobile to Engage Employees

Employees, like everyone else, are constantly on their smartphones, so capitalize on their addiction to communicate important internal information.We complain people are constantly on their smartphones, even at work. Hint: This could be a channel worth considering to communicate to your own employees.

The rise of mobile communications is acknowledged in the marketing department, but too often overlooked in the internal communications department. If you can reach customers instantly, why not your own workers?

Mobile communications don't have to replace an effective intranet, but they could add vigor — and clicks — to your internal website. The email blast to employees could be as simple as a heads up to new content on the intranet.

However, there is no need to limit yourself to a mobile paging service. Your emails can be self-contained messages that include visual assets and links that attract employee interest.

If you're going to be linking, make sure that your intranet is responsive and can be viewed on tablets and mobile phones. There is no point directing your employees to the intranet if it's clunky and outdated. A mobile app is another option for larger companies to reach employees directly.

An enterprise system is another way to convey real-time information. Messages can be aimed at specified groups or individuals, as well as to everyone in the company. A good enterprise system will work as effectively on a mobile device as on a laptop.

There is clearly a transition underway where people are deserting laptops for tablets and ever-larger smartphones. Where once a laptop was seen as salvation from being pinned to a desktop, tablets and smartphones are viewed as liberation from lugging around "heavy" laptops or laptops with large screens that get scrunched in the tight quarters of economy class airline seats. While size always matters, mobility is what matters most.

If you value employee engagement, add mobile communications to your list of tools. In fact, put it at the front of the list as perhaps the best place to say something where your intended workforce audience will be listening. It will be good practice for reaching your target customer audience.