Five Reasons to Consider a Communications Audit

Have you considered giving your communications a closer look with a communications audit? Have your communications efforts stalled? Not seeing the results you expected? It may be time to consider a communications audit.

A communications audit is a systematic evaluation of your organization’s communications from both a strategic and practical standpoint. Here are five reasons a communications audit can help take your communications to the next level.

1. You haven’t done any research

Research results provide a framework for all communications, setting a baseline on where you are now and a road map for where you should be going. After the audit is completed and changes implemented, future research will shed light on what is working and where further changes are needed in communication efforts.

2. Making a difference

A communications audit provides clarity on which communications efforts make an impact. Where and how people get information is changing rapidly and varies by demographic group. Identifying the tools to use to reach target groups is an ongoing process.

3. You need an unbiased opinion

Ask someone outside your organization to conduct the audit to bring a critical eye to your communications and a fresh take on the efforts. Don’t be surprised if new opportunities are spotted. The third party also can help convince management that changes are needed.

4. Cutting costs for the right reasons

Getting more bang for the buck is a good thing. A communications audit sheds light on what practices are the most effective. Audit results illuminate what communication efforts support organizational goals and objectives and what efforts are a waste of time and money. 

5. You aren’t sure how to approach social media

Many organizations have dipped a toe into social media, while others have chosen to stay out completely. A communications audit helps you take a strategic approach to social media, giving you specifics for when and how to participate in different social media networks. Social media is one element of your digital presence, but communications efforts should be coordinated across all platforms for maximum impact.

CFM has worked with a variety of organizations that are looking to refine and improve their communications efforts. We’d be happy to chat about your goals and find out if a communications audit would be right for you.