Using Instagram to Make Events Interactive

Using Instagram hashtags can be a great way to make your event more interactive. Recently, I received note from an organizer for Provender Alliance’s annual conference. He was looking for a way to make the conference more visual using Instagram. The photo-sharing site is a natural fit for getting people to share photos. Below are my top three tips for making any event more interactive using Instagram.

Create an official event hashtag

Create an official hashtag for the conference and encourage people to use it when posting photos on Instagram. When people post photos, they will include the hashtag. This will create a feed of all the photos that use the same hashtag. People can follow the feed to see what other people at the conference are posting.

Display the Instagram feed

Tools such as Eventstagram allow you to display a live feed of all photos that include your event hashtag using a television screen or projector. The projector of photos could be setup during any downtime at the conference, such as meals. The appeal is the same as getting on the Jumbotron at a sporting event. The person posting gets a few moments of conference-wide fame.

Offer prizes for the most popular photos

At a recent PRSA conference, the speaker offered a box of Voodoo doughnuts to whoever was the best live-tweeter during his keynote. The same concept could be applied to using Instagram for an event. The conference organizers could offer prizes for the most liked photos. Not only would this encourage people to post, it would encourage other people to interact with the photos, liking their favorites.

If you’re curious about getting started with Instagram, check out our tutorial here.