The Advantages of Personal Blogging

Personal Blogging offers many unique advantages.Company blogs are great for thought leadership or sharing helpful information with customers. For some content creators, this definition is too narrow. For these people, personal blogging can be a great option.

Here are a few advantages of personal blogs.

Content can be more personal
It’s the content that distinguishes a company blog from a personal one. A personal blog can be a great place to post reflective posts that may seem out of place on a company blog. This can also be a great place to talk about hobbies or other details about your personal life.

Content can be more varied
Content on company blogs should be focused and clearly directed at current and potential customers. It is also important to keep content consistent in terms of style and format. With personal blogs the main theme is the person writing it. The topics and format of the content can vary from post to post.

Content can be more opinionated
With company blogs it is often important to keep personal opinions to a minimum as not to alienate potential customers. A personal blog is a much better place to post opinionated content. However, it is not wise to post any opinion that would be too controversial or at odds with the values of your company. Blogs are public, so be sure not to post anything you would not feel comfortable with your boss or customers seeing.


Our company president, Gary Conkling recently started his own personal blog. Be sure to check it out for inspiration when you’re creating your own personal blog.