Self-Publishing and Online Newsrooms

Attract attention and control your message by publishing high-quality press releases on your own online newsroom.Reporters and TV and radio producers routinely look online for story ideas. They also tend to work unusual hours, and many prefer to find information on their own. A nicely packaged and well-stocked online newsroom is a fruitful place to search.

Even if your website fails to snag journalist eyes, others will find it — bloggers, viewers looking for specific information and customers or stakeholders. They may not be looking for story leads, but are interested in your information and thought leadership. Bloggers frequently feed off this kind of information, which can extend the reach of your press release to a more targeted and interested audience than would read it in a traditional media outlet.

Fresh content such as a self-published press release can boost your ratings on search engines, increasing your story's chances of being discovered.

But here is the rub. You can't just crank out vapid, self-serving press releases and expect them to attract much interest. You need to commit the same rigor to self-publishing as you would to pitch a story to a major media outlet. The content needs to be interesting and engaging.

Like any press release, adding video or other multi-media content can add zest and visual appeal. This is where an online newsroom comes in handy because you can have a lot of ancillary material — images, background information, links — all at hand. 

Visual assets are a win-win for both your company and journalists. Having access to high-quality visuals that they are free to use makes work easier for bloggers and journalists. This also gives a company more influence over the way they are portrayed visually. Just make sure any assets you include are copyright-free. 

In a world where marketing and public relations have merged, story pitching remains a viable, smart tactic. Placing your press releases on your own online publishing platform gives you the advantage of putting your current release in a larger context. A reporter may not bite on this release, but might find a nugget of interest in something else you have posted.

All the while, you have made more information about your business available for anyone to find and share.