Tapping into Puppy Love

People love puppies, which is why so many of them show up in ads and marketing content. They are animal celebrities.If you want to attract audience eyeballs, put a puppy in your ad or marketing content. Puppies sell.

Who but the most rabid anti-dog person can resist the flappable, fur-flying action of a puppy. Mankind has spent so much time with dogs at their side or feet, we have infused their faces with human expressions of endless love and loyalty. Even pictures of abused dogs break our heart.

Keep track of the number of dogs (and the occasional cat) that appear in the ads you watch. Of course they show up in dog food ads, but they are also there for cleaning, baby and human food products. They sell tacos. They look adorable wearing outrageous fashions. They appear in go-vegetarian campaigns. They are used to sell reliable Subarus.

You would think people would get tired of ad campaigns that include puppies. Apparently people can't get enough of puppy love.

Maybe it is because people and dogs come to resemble each other. Or maybe it is because people can't resist taking pictures of their dogs and sharing them on social media. Maybe all puppies are therapy dogs.

Insert a picture of a puppy almost everywhere. No excuse needed.Gratuitous puppy pictures can give your product a boost of energy like almost nothing else. It is just a question of the bounds of your imagination in finding an excuse for inserting a puppy next to your coffee drink, kitchen appliance or lawn mower.

Even though puppies piddle, their accidents can be far less damaging to your product's reputation than a celebrity who goes off the deep end. Puppies are the enduring celebrities, with breeds that can give every product a unique lick of approval.