Finding Your Trusted Brand Voice

When the voice of Allstate Insurance, Dennis Haysbert, speaks, you know you are in good hands.Finding your voice is essential to selling your brand. Your voice must reflect your brand and create trust in your brand promise.

Advertising, political campaigns and events can succeed or fail based on their voices. 

  • The RV industry uses Tom Selleck to extol getting away with family in the rolling comforts of a home on wheels. 

  • The Michigan tourism department relies on Tim Allen to make you yearn for the indescribable delights of "Pure Michigan." 

  • Allstate Insurance draws on the reassuring baritone voice of Dennis Haysbert to let you know you are in good hands.

  • Tina Fey, who describes her own hair color as "grandfather's shoe," is the voice, face and hair pitching Garnier Nutrisse.

Advertisers shelled out money for these celebrities because their voices are familiar, evoke trust and, in the case of Fey, provide a hip endorsement to an establishment product.

Ballot measure campaigns conduct rigorous research to find the best-fitting, trustworthy voice for their side. Campaigns for political candidates run stress tests to see whether target voters trust their guy or gal. 

Event planners know the success of a conference or centennial celebration can rise or fall on the quality of an emcee or featured speaker. 

Most companies can't afford to hire Tom Selleck or Tina Fey, so they must find their voice somewhere else. Most often, they need to create their own voice — the voice that will resonate from their website, paid media, social media and press releases.

Finding your voice doesn't require a medieval quest. You need to think about the voice that goes with your brand. If your product is sassy, your voice needs to be sassy. If your service is professional, your voice needs to be professional. The voice is what conveys the brand promise to your customers.

We all size up people by how they talk. Your customers size up your business the same way. Look for your voice and treat it kindly. Your voice is the invitation to try and trust your product.