Seductive Tactics, Strong Strategy

Seductive tactics can woo you into neglecting your basic public relations strategy, even though that's the rock of success.The magic of public relations is more science than wizardry. Strong strategy — sound reasoning that guides your objectives and tactics — is the key to lasting success.

Tactics can be very seductive — the promise of a website, a television spot, a Facebook page, a brand video. Strategy becomes an afterthought or, worse, left out altogether.

Catching inspiration from a video or social media account is great creative fuel and will be essential in the creative development process. But when you’re building your PR plan, strategy comes before creative brainstorming. Strategy is the rock to ensure your efforts are on firm ground to achieve results. Strategy lets you move from guess-and-check marketing to a place of confidence.

To help you develop the right strategy for your brand goals, good PR professionals will ask questions such as:

1.  Why are you interested in a specific tactic? Do you think a video (for example) will make your brand appealing to a new demographic? If so, appealing to a new demographic is at the heart of the matter, and we’ll help you develop a strategy to get there.

2.  Do you have research on your target audience? What do you know about their media consumption, daily habits, values and interests?

3.  How does your target audience currently perceive your brand?

4. Is a tactic appealing to you because you think it will save you time or money? Be direct about your resources with your PR partners so your marketing plan is made to fit. PR professionals can advise you on how to optimize your resources for results (for example, using social media content calendars, pre-scheduling some Facebook status updates, engaging employees in content creation, etc.).

Let tactics inspire you, but always ask yourself how they relate to your strategy.


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