Curating Yourself Online

A new online platform can serve as a hub for a person's or brand's online identity, centralizing content and reaching followers.RebelMouse enables users to unite their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites on a single, personalized "social web front page."

The digital newspaper has a visual feel that Jay Yarrow, writing for Business Insider, says is a combination of Flipboard, Tumblr, Pinterest and The extra advantage is that your RebelMouse home page constantly refreshes, even displaying a discriminating eye to choose the best visual assets you have to offer.

Developed by Paul Berry, former chief technology officer for the Huffington Post, RebelMouse provides an easy way to aggregate a user's social sharing, but also add content directly and provide analytics indicating how people are interacting with your posts.

Berry describes his new online progeny as a tool for people and brands to publish content. "RebelMouse should help them be good at it and help them engage with influencers as well," says Berry.

The underlying value — and the key to Berry monetizing RebelMouse — is providing a central hub to see someone's entire online presence. This could be extremely valuable for brands or individuals with huge followings on various social media sites.

Berry has attracted gobs of media coverage even though RebelMouse has just moved from beta testing and, according to Berry, now has 25,000 sites posted. He promises to add more design options to allow greater customization.

Several digital commentators said RebelMouse doesn't contain any revolutionary tools or tricks. Its value comes from its simplicity and relative ease of use, which in turn produce an elegant home page and sophisticated analytics. It is, in effect, curating yourself.

But it more than just a publishing platform. As Annie Pilon, writing for Small Business Trends, wrote, "RebelMouse creates a collage of your digital life."

"What people share on social networks is now part of their identity, but their sites don't show that," Berry explained to Pilon. "RebelMouse allows everyone to create a truly social site in minutes."

RebelMouse is clearly another online tool to consider adding to the toolkit.RebelMouse is the brainchild of Paul Berry, former chief technology officer for the Huffington Post.