Creating Your Winning Online Video

A good video shoot can produce gems. Video is the ultimate visual asset. From online TV to YouTube videos, how-to videos to viral videos, people watch and share quality content. With new tools, it no longer takes a Hollywood director to make quality video.

CFM produces lots of videos for clients for websites, marketing PR campaigns and advocacy efforts. We invite you behind the curtain to view our video-making process.

Act One

After determining if video fits with your communication goals and strategy, we focus on three areas: key messages, brand personality and emotions.

Key messages are what you want to say to your audience. Effective videos are edited tightly, so we find ways to weave those messages into the scenes and images we capture on video.

Brand personality informs video style. Is your brand modern, traditional or elegant? Fun, energetic or reserved? This step sets the stage for our creative brief for the video project.

Emotions inspire action. Should the video be inspirational, humorous or hunger-inducing? Peaceful, calming and inviting? Video can convey emotion, but it takes planning and skill to capture it.

Act Two

Informed by your key messages, brand personality and desired emotions, our team curates inspiration. We gather video examples to show style, approach and tone.

We recommend a video screening that includes your creative team and CFM. We’ll explore likes and dislikes and have a brainstorming session.

Act Three

This is when the process goes from concept to reality. It’s time to dig in to the nitty-gritty and logistics.

Resource Evaluation

Here we dive into our combined resources. We’ll talk with you about where the video should fall on a scale with one end being high production (think TV commercial) and the other home video. The answer to this question leads to considerations such as Do you have actors in-house or will we hire actors? Will we need a studio sound-recording session?

Storyboard + Script development

Our team takes all this information to our drawing board to create the recipes for your video — the storyboard, script and shot list. We’ll review these with you and make revisions as needed until everyone’s fully on-board and excited to move forward.

The Shoot

With detailed plans in place, we go on-site to shoot the video. Because we have a clear idea of what we want to convey and how we want to illustrate our message, shooting the video becomes a step of execution, not a stroke of good luck. While taxing and time-consuming, a good video shoot can produce gems.

The Finale

When the final edited video is posted, you want people to see, enjoy and share it. That requires a promotional campaign, which can take the form of a contest, event or direct contact with targeted viewers. Best of all, the video content should be an integral part of your larger communications strategy.

Client Spotlight

Happy Campers Gluten Free wanted to share that its gluten-free bread products are unconditionally delicious. It doesn’t matter that they’re free of gluten (and several other allergens); the breads are delicious in their own right. Happy Campers also is committed to living an active lifestyle, and wanted to share that commitment with its fans in a fun, engaging and lighthearted way. We didn’t need high production to carry out their vision. We needed creativity.

Here’s what we created:

Please get in touch with our team if you’re curious about how video may be integrated into your communications strategy. Call me at 503.294.9120 or email