Atwitter over the Super Bowl

As promised, there were no costume malfunctions during Madonna's Super Bowl half-time performance. But one performer forgot it was supposed to be a family show.There were 12,233 tweets posted per second during Sunday night's Super Bowl.

People had to be doing something because the football game was kind of boring. Madonna was shocking, but less shocking than Lady Gaga. Some of the best ads were during halftime when viewers were filling up their sofa-side beer chests.

The supermodel wife of Partriots' quarterback Tom Brady did blame his receivers for fumbling away the win, but NBC didn't televise that, though it did show one of the receivers near tears for missing a wide-open pass.

For the record, the number of tweets per second during the Super Bowl broke the previous record (for an English-language event) of 9,402 TPS set during a January game when the Denver Broncos astonishingly won an overtime game while hardly completing a pass.

Trendrr reported there were more than 15 million tweets during the game.

Google said that 41 percent of the online searches conducted during the game originated from smart phones or tablets. Madonna apparently earned more searches than either the Giants or Patriots.

Once upon a time, people tuned in to the Super Bowl to watch an exciting game. Then the debut of ads took over as the main draw. But nowadays, the big ads are all previewed on social media before game day. One that got the ball rolling featured Matthew Broderick reprising, as an adult, his Ferris Bueller day off to drive a Honda CR-V. 

But even the nostalgia of seeing Ferris artfully dodge the clueless gaze of his talent agent couldn't erase the sheer magnitude of the number of tweets during the game. It makes you wonder what people use to clean the goo from chicken wings off their screens and keyboards?

A historical comparison is useful at this point. There were 3 million fewer tweets during last year's Super Bowl, which accounted for a paltry 4,064 TPS.

So much tweeting has occurred since last year's Super Bowl, it is hard to remember who won. I just tweeted and instantly got the answer – Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. His reward was having his trademark touchdown gesture pirated by State Farm Insurance into something called "Your Discount Double Check."

And lest you think the entire world is wild about one football game. The standing world record for TPS occurred during an airing last December of a TV show in Japan about a boy and girl, a magic crystal and a bunch of pirates and foreign agents. Hard to beat that with just a bunch of guys in helmets and tight pants.