Five-Star Media Amenities

Create a five-star hotel for the media with a digital media kit that entices reporters and bloggers with story ideas and the sources to put the story to bed.When you shop online for a hotel, you look for amenities of interest — free Wi-Fi, a fitness center and a great restaurant. Reporters and bloggers shop online for good stories.

The best way to feed that appetite is a juicy digital media kit, with sharable, downloadable resources created, curated and housed online — and designed for media consumption.

Instead of stale press releases, you need to provide tantalizing story angles, useful information and tangible assets that reporters can readily access.

Examples of content in a digital media kit include:

•  High quality images

•  Sharable video

•  Downloadable fact sheets, backgrounders and news releases

•  Links to social media sites

• Contact information for credible sources or testimonials

A well-conceived digital media kit presents an a la carte menu that saves the media time. It can offer a tempting story possibility with an appetizer's worth of information about how to pursue the story.

The better your story hooks, the more often reporters will visit your kit. The more your stories pan out, the greater your credibility with the media.

The role of marketing PR professionals remains critical. Their job involves identifying story hooks that will appeal to reporters and bloggers who are read by the target audience. Their skill is anticipating what resources reporters and bloggers will want to pursue the story.

Digital media kits offer the opportunity to address a broad cross-section of media needs, from basic information to details that proactively address anticipated journalist and blogger questions. Visual assets add a whole new dimension of content to share.

Our Marketing PR team created this digital media kit for Happy Campers Gluten Free. Lots of bloggers have used content from the kit, especially images. Here’s one great example, and you can see more samples here.

Your digital media kit is your story’s hotel. Help make it the most attractive option. Gather the amenities to welcome the media.


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