The Marriage of Marketing and PR

Marketing and public relations are not strangers. They are essential parts of effective, integrated campaigns.A recent blog charted the differences between marketing and public relations. With all deference, the two have merged in a marriage of strengths. Whatever differences exist are mainly matters of tactics.

The marketing mindset is distinguished by

  • Strong reliance on research;
  • Targeting a specific audience;
  • Shaping information for that audience; and
  • Delivering the information in familiar channels for that audience.

The blog author suggested public relations is aimed more generally at anyone or everyone. Frankly, I don't know many clients who would accept a PR plan that seeks to launch its messages into the wide open spaces of the "general public." There is too much going on for Everyman and Everywoman to pay attention.

Marketing PR is the inevitable evolution of these two fields. The discipline of marketing remains; the tactics of PR add more breadth to the toolkit.

An advertising campaign without media relations or a social media campaign without solid branding are nonsensical in today's world. The best practice of marketers and PR professionals is to forge integrated communications campaigns that leverage the power of the tools that work for the intended audience.

Selling a product or solidifying a reputation don't require different disciplines. They demand campaigns with integrated parts.