Burger King to Focus on Burgers, Not King

The Burger "King" is being retired so he can spend more time on the beach, but the girl isn't part of his retirement package.BK's King mascot is being retired so the struggling burger chain can focus its advertising on the food it serves.

New creative material will begin to air later this month in coordination with Burger King's rollout of a California whopper that features guacamole.

The King has been a mainstay of mascots since 2003, but in recent times has acted creepier in ads than many burger-munching customers would like as he showed up in people's beds or, worse, peeping into windows.

It seemed as if the King's antics were designed to speak to – or inspire – bored students who had to stay up late to finish homework. Whatever connection the King's ads made didn't translate into increased sales.

The switch to advertising centered on burgers reflects the tenor of the time. Companies must zero in on their brand value, reminding existing and potential customers why they should drop by for a burger.

Cleverness can work in advertising. But too often a clever ad is a substitute for a clear appeal to the customer. This is a time when people want value. Advertising and marketing PR campaigns need to demonstrate value in TV spots, events and social media content. Otherwise, you can find yourself on the same lonely beach as the King.