Panda Improves Google Search Results

It’s hard to hear the word panda and not think of the martial arts star of a recent summer movie. Google’s Panda is fighting another battle — to improve search results.

Named after the anti-spam programmer who created it, Panda is designed to improve user experience by delivering better search results. Panda relies on Google's Quality Raters, who rate sites based on how enjoyable the site is to visit. Quality Raters are also asked questions such as: Would you trust this site with your credit card? Other questions include would users trust the content and do they like the design.

After seeing their search rankings drop, many managers of top websites are up in arms about Panda. Yes, Panda will change the way many businesses approach search engine optimization. Panda offers an opportunity for sites that focus on quality content and attractive design to rise in search results.

By receiving most of their news and information via social media, web users already rely on friends to act as filters. Panda has the potential to level the playing field, acting as the referee in the battle for eyeballs.

For more information about Panda, check out the following video: