How to Sweeten Your Tweets

Make your 140 characters count by offering something unique or first.If you want to be followed in the Twitterverse, be engaging, say something fresh and keep it short.'s Matt Wilson posted a blog this week that captures the advice New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof gathered from his own Twitter followers. As Wilson notes, the advice is applicable to more than just journalists.

Here are some of the best tips Wilson culled from Kristof's replies:

@OllieJonesMMA: replying to followers once in a while is golden.

@TomRaftery: Keep tweets short (re-tweetable), have essence of story in the tweet & a link(!)

@TylerMachado: What not to do: Post nothing but links to your own stories. Twitter is not just a newspaper rack!

@dvas 36: love when journos tweet info that didn't make it into their print/online articles.

@milestorres: Exclusive first looks. Twittr is clearly the defacto standard for breaking news and I like seeing journalists embrace that idea.

@MissSuccess: Looking 4 them to interact more. Journos often have deep knowledge of an industry so their expertise would b valued if shared

A key takeaway: give your Twitter followers an inside look or a special offer. And don't be afraid to interact. That's the whole point.