Five Verbs to Animate Events

There are many business goals that warrant using event strategies and tactics. Five verbs- engage, build, inspire, increase and associate- can help you recognize opportunities to utilize events.

Engage your target audiences. Events provide opportunities to bring your target audiences together to interact with your brand. Interactive elements at your event allow attendees to experience your brand. In business marketing events, rich dialogue and question and answer sessions can support interaction. In brand marketing events, activities and product trial opportunities can support interaction. The event tactics for each business should be uniquely selected, but the common theme is interaction.

Build personal relationships. Live events foster authentic opportunities for target audiences to build personal connections with the people behind a company. Goodwill, trust and credibility can be strengthened.

Inspire buzz. Events can inspire people to share their experience at your event with their network. These personal, informal endorsements strengthen your brand reputation.

Increase recognition of and loyalty to your company. Events can raise the profile of your brand, and a person’s positive experience at your event supports brand loyalty.

Associate your brand with strategic partners. Events provide opportunities to partner with those who you would like to associate your product or service. Inviting strategically selected partners to join your event by filling an event need, such as for food or space, not only can help keep costs down, but also is mutually beneficial by associating brand names.

What are some of your favorite events? Did they have elements from the five verbs?