Do You Need Social Media Help?

You’ve dabbled in social media. Your Facebook page has very few fans, and no one is engaging. We can help. Our social media audits can take your online communications from struggling to success.

We specialize in integrated customer engagement. We start by evaluating the full scope of your current communication efforts. Then we identify opportunities for an integrated approach to maximize the effectiveness of your mix of tools.

Our process starts with a Discovery Session – a comprehensive discussion with your team and CFM to learn about your current efforts, both online and off. Through understanding the full scope of your organization and your communication tools, we can identify opportunities to maximize these efforts, using existing tools and implementing new techniques when necessary.

Our experience has shown research provides a solid foundation for any communication effort. Following our initial conversation, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your current online efforts, comparing them to the efforts of your competitors.

If needed, we also can perform primary research to help determine the best way to reach your consumers. Research, combined with our initial learning session, will allow us to provide solid recommendations for integrating your communications efforts and improving your online brand.

After the Discovery Session, CFM will deliver a formal report, which will include our research and tailored recommendations. CFM will coach your team through implementing the recommendations, and can be as involved as needed. If you are interested in learning more about our social media audits, tweet Gary Conkling, or by calling 503) 294-9120.